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Voice and Data Infrastructure Solutions & Installations

Every contract enquiry, irrespective of size, begins with an initial consultation between S.P.C. and the interested client, their representative or architect, to establish the breadth and size of the required work and client needs.

Based on the established objectives S.P.C. then submits a proposal to the client. The proposal would include fixed price cost estimates, and could include recommendations on design, materials to be used.

Once awarded to contract, S.P.C. would nominate a Contract Manager, together with a highly skilled team to carry out the installation work and oversee the project through to completion.

The Contract Manager is responsible for ensuring the agreed schedule is adhered to, that last minute changes to plan can be accommodated, and that the client receives regular progress and project tracking reports. Throughout the entire project there is constant consultation with the client to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Global Network Infrastructure Solutions

The Data Centre is not only a key resource for many enterprises, it is absolutely critical. Almost every activity of every enterprise now relies on digitally stored information and on the IT systems and telecommunication networks which make that information available to the people who need it Ė where they need it and when they need it Ė 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

S.P.C.ís infrastructure solutions are at the foundation of every network to enhance the speed, bandwidth and quality of Internet/data, video, and voice transmissions.

S.P.C.ís unique experience in providing product and service solutions makes us the ideal choice for projects that require in-depth understanding of network environments. Whether itís a mobile, fixed line or cable network, S.P.C. offers a wide range of solutions that improve network design, reliability, scalability and efficiency.

S.P.C. Data Centre Services will provide a system that delivers proven cable, connectivity, and cable management solutions for fibre, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) copper, and category 5e/6 from the communications room/data centre to the desktop.

True End-to-End Solutions

Campus & Backbone
Products for use in installations between buildings (campus) and between floors (backbone) including Category 6A copper and fibre.

Horizontal Data Cabling
Products for use when wiring-out individual floors including Fibre to the Desk (FTTD), Category 6A, Category 6/5e cable and jacks.

Data Centre/Comms Room
Products for use in Data Centres including panels, frames and cable management for fibre and copper connectivity including Physical Layer Management (PLM).

Work Area
Products that are designed to interface with the data communications userís equipment including wall outlets and faceplates.

Voice & Telephony
Section includes traditional Voice Telephony connectivity products.

Data cabling services
Data Cabling Solutions

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Electrical installations

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Data cabling installation

Electrical testing
Health and Safety testing

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