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Fire Safety Devices and Alarm Installation

All commercial buildings require a state-of-the-art fire detection and fire alarm installation system built into the building specifications. During construction, the architect generally consults with a professional fire detection and alarm company, like SPC Tech, to put in the wiring for the detection and alarm systems. We also connect the fire detection system to a fire damping system to protect the building and its occupants in the case of a fire.

At SPC Tech Services we have more than two decades of expertise in commercial electrical wiring, smoke detection installation, sounders and voice alarm systems. The company also provides voice and data infrastructure solutions, wireless solutions and other custom solutions for customers according to project needs.

We are accredited NICEIC installers and have installed custom built systems across a range of commercial industries, including, most recently a large pharmaceutical company.

Choosing and installing an appropriate fire alarm installation and smoke detection, sounders and voice alarms Whether the system is required by building codes or not, itís a good idea to choose the very best kind of fire safety and damping system possible. We will custom build the system to meet your building specifications. The selection process of a fire safety system includes the following criteria:

  1. Location of fire detectors and the fire alarm installation
  2. Fire protection goals of the building and its occupants
  3. Type and number of people staying in the building and the quantity of objects to be protected
  4. The official or legal response time for the system to detect fire signs, run the alarm and then start with damping systems.

We ensure the fire alarm installation system is compatible with the areaís building fire codes. The areas we cover include Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London. Every commercial building is unique and we will specify the exact type of fire alarm system that is required and then implement the specific fire safety requirements.

Selecting detectors and systems

There are six major fire detection systems used in commercial and residential locations but more than twenty different types of detectors that are used with them. If you require special systems like addressable heads, 2- and 4-wire circuitry, remote monitoring systems, and specialized control panels to protect different secure areas of your building, we have this covered.

Logistical issues regarding installation

Once the system has been selected or customised, various other logistical issues come into play. Installing a fire detection system inside a building is very complex. Fire detectors have to be placed in almost every room, in the lobby, in stairwells and other areas depending on foot traffic and the exact devices being used in the area. Spacing requirements are detailed in building codes but these codes also include non-essential and essential coverage areas. As a professional installation firm we evaluate the building and recommend ideal locations for installing detectors. The firm will also assess other factors like ceiling height, occupant locations, time factors and evacuation procedures, etc before the heat detectors are installed and linked to sprinklers.

Extra functions

For extra security, it is also possible to find clean agent fire-suppression systems that are linked to voice speaker systems. These systems will provide detailed verbal instructions to people in the building during a fire drill or an actual emergency and they run on auxiliary power. You can also install telephone handsets in stairwells and lifts to facilitate communication in case of emergencies. Additional features like carbon monoxide detectors can also be found with specialty fire protection companies.

With so many things to remember, it stands to reason that you may not be able to find the right system for your requirements. We recommend you hire a professional electrical wiring company with expertise in the fire alarm sector to complete your commercial fire safety project.

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