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Electrical Installations Contractor

With a main target market comprised out of academic institutions, the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, science parks as well as commercial and industrial sectors, S.P.C. Technical & Electrical Services offer professional, specialised electrical contracting services that fall in line with the BS7671 compliance requirements. Areas serviced include Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London.

Boasting a history that dates back to 1998, this electrical contractor has built up a reputation as industry-leaders who pride themselves in providing quality electrical contracting solutions that are cost-effective and of the highest quality. Their extensive experience in the broader business sphere puts them ahead by way of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency, which is a characteristic principle synonymous with their wide range of solutions.

Service Overview

The extensive experience built up over years of operation in business realms that include Finance, IT, Retail, the Legal field and even Government and Public departments, resonates throughout their entire product and service offerings. These products and services include testing, review and inspection of existing electrical structures and equipment, especially with regards to safety standards and compliance.

In addition to the testing and installation of structural electrical units like LV services, mains distribution and security systems, industrial installations of commercial and third-party electrical units, such as energy-efficient and emergency lighting, access control (door activation and door entry systems), fire alarms with integrated smoke detectors, sounders and voice alarms, all fall within the scope of products and services offered by this electrical contractor.


Although electrical contracting jobs are generally covered by a finite collection of requirements and implementations, S.P.C.ís extensive knowledge affords them the courtesy of flexibility, which is a much-needed trait in dealing with the various clients whose contracting needs will naturally differ. Whether the job is big and complex or small and intricate, the dynamic, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team of creative designers and technical experts (qualified tradesmen) complements the project managementís bigger-picture view to deliver the kind of services that are nothing short of tailor-made and customised to the specifications of each contracting job undertaken.

Client Base

S.P.C.ís services and integrated product solutions are professionally designed and administered with the client in mind, with a view to establish an operational environment that promotes productivity and efficiency. Small matters which lie in all the little details add up to deliver a final solution that is highly efficient, cost effective, robust and progressive, in addition to being compliant, which is why the very well-established and growing client base is mainly comprised out of major repeat clients. Some of the major clients include a selection of airports in the UK, a big name pharmaceutical company and a multinational defense organisation. The vast selection of smaller clients matter just as much though, with a lot of them constantly looking to S.P.C. for any new and innovative developments which could further enhance the existing electrical services already administered.

Long Term Evolution

S.P.C. understands that electrical services and solutions often form the core of the industrial workspace, with those solutions directly affecting issues such as productivity and profitability, which is why the services, products and solutions they offer are administered with a long term view of the future. Electrical systems offered by S.P.C., such as voice and data infrastructure, wireless connectivity solutions, and just as important, access control, fire alarm and general security solutions, are progressive in their make-up, leaving ample leeway for future evolvement and the flexibility of making provision for the inevitable need for upgrades, without having to completely replace the core infrastructure.

Whether you require an electrical contractor for a job as small as the installation of audio and visual systems, or as big as industrial and commercial installations or project management, S.P.C. Technical & Electrical Services have a wide range of products and solutions on offer.

Access control terminals
Access control terminals

Electrical health and safety inspection checks
Electrical health and safety checks

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