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Data Centre Services

The operation of a data centre is a mammoth task that encompasses storage, processing, management, networking as well as allocation of data within the organisation. Hence, data centre services not only revolve around providing the requisite software, hardware or processes but experienced personnel as well.

This is why companies looking to make use of the services of a data centre should hire a professional data service provider such as SPC Technical Services that offer them technical consulting, support, application and outsourcing services. These services are provided by SPC to IT networks, large data and call centres as well as wireless networks.

Benefit of Using the Services of SPC

With a competent team of IT cabling installers, electrical engineers and cabling installers to back up the services of SPC, the following benefits can be expected from the company.

  • Caters to the Networking Needs: SPC provides a complete solution for catering to the networking needs of your organisation by providing SER (Satellite Equipments Room) facility. They also help in voice and fibre optical infrastructure building. The basic technologies are properly supplemented by Cat 6 structured wire installations along with proper security to the network. This helps the client to maximize the use of its own networking assets which can help in improving the internal network operations of the company.

  • Best Infrastructure: The state of the art infrastructure that is being provided by SPC makes it an ideal one stop destination for the installation services sought by call centres and large IT networks.

  • Cost-Reduction: With continuous support, security and operation, the client gets the required flexibility in handling the data centre which can otherwise incur heavy expenditure when the task is performed in-house. This helps the organisation to focus more on the core activities of the business without having to care about the networking part.

  • Reduction in IT Costs and Risks: By making use of the services of SPC, the information technology risks and costs are greatly reduced. This means that the company need not spend a major portion of the revenues in supporting the IT manpower along with the hassles of retaining such a staff.

Who can Benefit from Data Centre Services Offered by SPC?

Our dedicated team of approved electrical contractors is available to install energy efficient, small power LED systems which work to BS 7671.

The presence of a secure and protected data system helps the commercial establishments in further expanding their outreach without having to worry for the safety of the data transmission. Moreover, industrial units, science parks, schools and even colleges can benefit from making use of data centre services due to the presence of secure, co-location and environmentally controlled circumstances.

However it must be ensured that the whole system is backed up by tapes and other critical documentation and media related to the site of operation of the company. In case of pharmaceutical companies, their computing systems play a crucial part in the whole organisational set-up due to the presence of dispersed and large sales organisations which play a crucial part in the distribution of revenue and drugs. The networking systems in these companies need to be fully functional for the 24 hours of the day and hence the professional at SPC have the requisite technological back up to ensure that there isn't even a single minute of downtime.

A best data centre services provider not only provides flexibility in terms of connectivity, scalability as well as monitoring options but it should also be easily accessible. SPC Technical Services recognises the importance of the above factors and has accordingly expanded its outreach to London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire.