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Data Centre

In this day and age, a secure, energy efficient and well-connected workplace improves the productivity of the sectors that use them. Commercial establishments need to have efficient networks to coordinate product delivery and logistics. Industrial and Manufacturing companies need to employ smart and low power lighting to save energy in the production of their products. Pharmaceutical companies and Science Parks must have their satellite equipment room or data centre well maintained or they risk losing data on their latest medical or technological breakthroughs. Finally, schools and colleges need wireless networks to enhance the distribution of academic research and educational materials to both their faculty and their student body.

High quality electrical and technical installations are needed to make such workplaces a reality. SPC Tech Services Ltd., with their strong track record and established client base, continues to create such world class installations. Since 1998, the company have provided top-notch installation projects to companies like pharmaceuticals, defence contractors and airports around the United Kingdom.

As an approved electrical contractor, SPC Tech Services delivers various services. The company provides energy efficient LED and emergency lighting systems. Academic institutions and commercial facilities will enjoy lower electricity bills while those in the industrial or manufacturing business can devote the new excess energy to production instead. SPC Tech Services also install LV/HV switchgears, mains distribution and UPS systems. If necessary, their electrical engineers and experts can conduct inspections on the integrity of the client's electrical system. Clients should also be assured that their professional electrical installations adhere to British Standard BS 7671 while their emergency lighting services adhere to the British Standard 5266 Pt1.

SPC Tech Services is also an NICEIC accredited company that can provide fire and security access control services. Fires can endanger the employees or students and seriously damage network servers in call centres and IT networks. As such, it would be wise to ask SPC Tech Service to install their BS 5839 Pt1 approved fire alarm systems. This system of smoke detection, sounders and voice alarms can potentially save your institution and your people's lives. Security is also a must especially in the industrial and manufacturing sector where industrial espionage within a single data centre can cost millions pounds in lost revenues. To address this problem, SPC Tech Services provides various door entry systems with site wide messaging, access control and door activation systems in place. This ensures that only authorized staff can access sensitive information.

The company also provides audio sound systems and visual display systems. These systems are ideal for educational institutions for an enhanced learning experience. Companies on the other hand may opt to also add SPC Tech Service's meeting room table cable management service on top of their audio visual systems to enhance the brainstorming sessions in their conference rooms. The company also provide acoustic walls and ceiling systems to enhance the audio experience and meeting privacy as well.

Most importantly, SPC Tech Services provide Voice and Data Infrastructure Solutions that is suited for your data centre or computer network. Vital information is stored and exchanged digitally, and a high-quality infrastructure is needed to provide swift access to information but with tight security measures. Academic institutions would be happy to know that the company can install network infrastructure between their buildings. On the other hand, businesses can be ensured that entire floors of their workplace can be supported by a fibre optical and fibre backbone. For those who are starting developing their information storage and retrieval facilities, SPC Tech Services offers the complete installation of Satellite Equipment Rooms.

SPC Tech Services offers their expertise to clients within Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and London. If your company, school, or institution is within the area, then SPC Tech Services can quickly take care of any of your electrical or technical installations. You can contact them and experience their services for yourself at the about SPC page.