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Data Cabling Installers

At SPC Tech Services we offer several services related to electric cabling, as well as network solutions. We have experts who are involved in data cabling installation and offering solutions to all data cabling issues faced by various institutions. We install data cables in areas like large commercial operations, including laboratories, offices, factories, data centres and educational institutions. Therefore, if your institution is considering installing data cables to its network systems, consider hiring SPC Tech installers so that the installation process is done in a professional and efficient manner.

Our data cabling installers are involved in the supply of cabling, cat6 and cat5 networks and power supplies for the institutions mentioned above as well as installing them in the best manner. We offer these services in various places, including London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. The target areas for the electric engineers like ourselves include science parks, schools, colleges, commercial area, industrial, manufacturing and pharmaceutical. The common material that electrical cabling installers use are copper because, among other attributes, it ensures smooth transmissions.

Better Communication

The scope of work of our data cabling installers entails access control systems and wireless network solutions for all data problems. They install these systems to ensure that the organisation does not face any issues related to the same in future. It is important for each institution to consider using data cabling because it makes communication within and outside the institution work smoothly. Therefore, relaying instructions is easy and monitoring activities of all the employees in office. Our engineers install data cables that transmit information well from one device to another without loss of information or frequent failure of these cables.

All of our team at SPC have expert formal training and relevant knowledge to ensure that they supply and install the systems in the most appropriate manner depending on the institution in question. We have to meet the needs of each individual client and adhere to certain standards set by the relevant authorities in regards to data cables and their installation.

The Installation Process

As a whole, our team use certain procedures for installation of data cables. However, the process varies depending on the system being installed and the role it plays. Sometimes the processes also vary depending on whether the institution is a school, college, pharmaceutical or industry. The procedure of a network cabling installation entails certain steps that our installers follow.

  • The first step involves studying the floor plans before beginning the installation procedure. This gives IT cabling installers the chance to check for any mistakes that may be present or an area that could be missing from the plan.

  • After that data cabling installers determine the type of labelling scheme that a client prefers on the cabling plans. This is an important step because it ensures that the installer does not utilise their own style that contradicts that of the client. It can be a tedious process, especially if there are many wires involved. In case the installer is labelling cable drops manually, it is important to mark them clearly and put numbers right on the drawings. The data cabling installers also write notes on the cabling installation points. An important step in this process is to ensure that you use a second set of eyes to look at the labelling scheme. This avoids making errors in the process.

  • With these steps, data cabling installers install the systems well to produce quality and reliable network systems.