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Wireless Solutions

S.P.C. Technical Services Ltd. provides the full range of wireless solutions, from specialist wireless survey service, to WLAN installations, to installations offering bandwidth capacity encompassing 2mbps links to 155mbps and above.

The scale of these installations is vast: we can provide a wireless network supporting a small LAN of a few PCs located in one room, to full, uninterrupted WLAN coverage of a multi-storey building; from a wireless link between adjacent buildings to a multi-kilometre ‘line-of-sight’ solution supporting multi-function links between designated areas.

The recent advances in wireless technology providing greater bandwidth and increased speeds, together with the decreasing cost of the equipment means that wireless solutions are becoming a realistic option for many organisations.

We will consider wireless technology when providing cabling solutions, and appreciate the benefit of such systems where installing a traditional cabling system is impractical, cost-prohibitive, or not feasible due to the nature of the environment.

Wireless surveys are a fundamentally important element when considering a wireless network, initially establishing feasibility and then confirming further technical details and optimum Access Point location. We have developed a specialist wireless survey service for customers considering a wireless solution. Recently completed surveys have been undertaken at 12 sites for a leading pharmaceutical company.
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