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Major Pharmaceutical Company - Power Quality Project

A Harmonic Analysis was carried out at a major pharmaceutical company to determine compliance with Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation G5/4-1.

The intention of the Energy Networks Association Recommendation G5/4, first published in 2001, was to try to ensure that the levels of harmonics in the Public Electricity Supply do not constitute a problem for other users of that supply.

This is a primary function of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Management and Regulation, and it forms part of the Distribution Code which is a statutory requirement placed on the UK Electricity Supply Industry.

G5/4-1 identifies consumers by their point of common coupling (PCC) to the supply, and applies limits at that point. G5/4-1 therefore applies to every consumer connected to the Public Electricity Supply (PES), including:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial, shop and office consumers
  • Industrial users.

SPC Technical Services Ltd was awarded the project to ensure compliance and allow a better negotiation point with energy suppliers for tariffs and the infrastructure.

As Principal Contractor, SPC Technical Services Ltd, was responsible for installing the following equipment in 9 LV Main Switch Rooms located in 5 separate buildings:

  • Replacement Fuse Switch Panels
  • Additional 630A MCCB to fit Existing Switch Boards
  • Multi Function Meters
  • Current Transformers
  • Power Quality Harmonic Filters
  • Cabling & Containment

With careful planning, provision of temporary supplies and close liaison with the customer and users, there was no disruption to the business during planned electrical shutdown periods.

This challenging project was phased over a 12 month period and with tight supplier delivery lead times.

SPC Technical Services Ltd successfully completed the project on time, within budget and enabled the client to be G5/4-1 compliant.
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