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Leading Pharmaceutical Company: Network Core Switches

A typical example of our data centre services is a recent project to provide the latest generation of high availability network services for their R&D sites.

The Network Core switches in the Computer Room were to be replaced. These were integral to the UK and global operations, making the project time-critical to avoid disruption to the business. Planning and management were therefore vital, and SPC Technical Services Ltd worked closely with our client to ensure the project ran smoothly and to schedule.
The project team worked around the clock over a two day period, and comprised the following:

  • Servers were taken down
  • 600 x patch cables were disconnected and removed
  • Switches were replaced
  • New patch cables were installed
  • Connections were re-patched as per patching schedule
  • Servers brought back on line
  • Work started 6.00 am Saturday morning, with all servers back on line by 6pm Sunday evening.

Work was completed under the client?s change control with a back out plan in place.

SPC Technical Services Ltd were involved from planning stage through implementation to completion. Together we achieved a 100% success rate for bringing all servers back on line.